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No bias at all...

My Bracket

Definitely some close calls in there.

I like the Colts as a sleeper. They have a deep DL and a great, diverse passing offense. Kind of reminds me of the Giants of about 10 years ago. If the Texans can get by them though, I also think they can go far. The Pats are as solid as ever, but ironically some of the offensive guys are aging faster than Brady. I think they're just out of weapons, offensively and defensively. I like the Chiefs, but I think the lack of defense makes them too one-dimensional. The Chargers have no energy to excel in adversity, although I like how they built the team. The Ravens are a terrible matchup for them, who have had only one 200 yard passing game since week 9 (it was against the Chargers). The Ravens also match up great against the Pats for the week after. Unless Lamar Jackson can pull a Kaepernick though, I think the more balanced team in the Colts can beat them to get to the Superbowl.

In the NFC, the Saints and Rams are two of the weakest 13-3 teams that I can recall seeing. The Saints offense has come up majorly short in the past several weeks, and their defense under Payton is never going to pick up the slack when it counts. The Rams have talent on D but can't seem to put it together. The Seahawks are built for a deep playoff run, with the best rushing attack in the league, a QB that is extremely good at taking care of the ball (and doesn't carry the team often, but he can), and a defense that has been able to do some pretty unique things (like stop the Chiefs passing attack). I can say almost the same for the Bears, except Trubisky is more of a handicap from what I know about him. The Eagles are figuratively and literally a wildcard. They're still built well, but do they have the same drive to win after a championship last year, and is anyone healthy enough to play QB?