Jack Toumey

  • Bitfrost

    A ridesharing app in React with realtime data

  • Cryptokeeper

    A multi-user cryptocurrency exchange simulator

  • Maximum Intensity Fitness

    A workout tracker built using Vue

  • Statecraft

    A fun political sandbox game using Vanilla JS

  • Jekyll Homepage

    Professional homepage built as a SPA using Jekyll and Google Earth images

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I strive to work in no-ego, productive environments on projects that push the needle. I am capable in a number of technologies, thanks to a curious mind, and have a solid foundation in math and science. Outside of technical expertise, I have a background in working on teams in high stress situations and communication in the public sector.


A science and technology enthusiast, math inquisitor, competitive powerlifter, & BJJ white belt, who loves camping and barbecuing, travels at random, does puzzles competitively, and follows football ardently.